Edinburgh Local Exchange Trading System

Trading Offers

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Arts & Crafts

Art at home

If you are looking to take up art as a hobby I can offer tutoring in oils or Pastels, we all have it in us to be creative but sometimes it just needs some basic knowledge to get started and you will be surprised at what you can achieve in a short space of time, I am happy to teach you in your own home or you can come to my studio, I am only asking 10 Reekies per session.

Bespoke gift boxes and cards

For birthdays, anniversaries etc. decorated gift boxes and cards, designed with a special person in mind. Your own item if desired. Decoupage.

Italic script

Fancy writing for gift cards, place name cards, special inscriptions.

Make and Mend

I have basic skills in sewing, crochet, knitting, macrame, painting, etc.

I can do simple repairs, garment alterations, sew beautiful doll’s clothes (e.g. evening gowns, lace trimmed negligees, full outfits with matching hats and bags), computer dust-sheets, crochet/knitted bags and baby clothes etc. [Currently have a small queue]

I can also teach knitting, sewing, macrame, etc. in my (Duddingston) home.

John Murray

I can offer some art tuition on pastels or oils for complete beginners or someone looking to improve or take on a new style, etc.


I offer mending.

creative writing/drama

I possibly could offer drama and creative writing workshops

Strange Serenades

Do you like the idea of a musical gift for friends, family, loved ones for a social event, wedding proposal or wedding? I can deliver a musical message from you to them, help develop song/s for the occasion, solo or with like-minded friends in a broad range of styles.

I’ll sing and play guitar or keyboard/piano. We can work with any themes, lyrics or song styles that capture your imagination. I can play a broad range of styles and love to improvise in the spur of the moment…

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography: FB: www.facebook.com/dbphotographyscotland Website: www.dbphotographyscotland.co.uk

As well as doing a good deal on wedding photography for you, I’ll also consider part payment in Reekies

Skirt and Trouser Hemming

I am willing to measure and hem trousers/jeans/skirts.

Portrait Photography

A photographer of 25 year’s experience, I’m building up my portraiture portfolio - would you like to have a professional portrait of you and/or your family, at your home or on location? I’ll even give you the final image digitally for you to use as you wish! 10 Reekies for one hour session + digital (post produced in Photoshop) image(s) (if session is to be at your home, would need to be within fairly easy reach of Leith)

Film making

I make my living as a freelance filmmaker/animator and would like to be part of the LETS scheme, perhaps I could make online animated content?

Design, layout, photos:

Do you need any layouts done - pages, posters, booklets, cards, leaflets, flyers etc (I can also offer an editing service - advising on what to include and what not to, where to put it etc.)

Image editing - improving your photos, restoring old photos, creating collages of your photos, turn your photos into ‘drawings’ or ‘paintings’, making personalised birthday cards etc, helping you to bring your creative ideas to fruition.

Business & Admin

Social Media & Website Advice

I can show how to make best use of your browser, social media sites, how to link Facebook with Twitter, how best to use settings on Facebook and Twitter, set up blogs on Tumblr or Blogger and other things.

Social Media & Website Advice

I can show how to make best use of your browser, social media sites, how to link Facebook with Twitter, how best to use settings on Facebook and Twitter, set up blogs on Tumblr or Blogger and other things.


Proofreading: I have a PhD in Environmental Science and would be able to check papers, reports etc, depending on the subject matter and correct the English. EH21


Hoping to offer admin help

Video to DVD conversion

Video to DVD conversion: Do you have something on VHS video that you would like to convert onto a DVD? I can help.

Leafleting for LETS

Beauty and massage therapist interested in helping others and a skill swap. Happy to promote the group locally and I have professional links with Business Gateway if it would help to drop off leaflets/poster there.

Self-sealing envelopes

Self-sealing envelopes (plain white) x 100: I am way overstocked with these and could do with offloading some. 100 per batch

Word Processing

Word Processing:Typing documents

advertising, tweets, IT/computer support, web design, etc.

I offer various services to members on a professional and personal level such as advertising, Tweets, computer services, IT support, web design, online marketing and more

promoting LETS/event space

Happy to promote LETS once open Aug 2015 or possibly from May if community use starts then. There is no postbox attached to Tardis/policebox yet - so post any info : 5 Princess Mary Place HADDINGTON EH41 3NN.

Secretarial Skills

EG typing; letter writing; document formatting; CV preparation; mail merges

Publicity/ Networking

I can publicise your event, work or community group,or suggest contacts for you


Proofreading (for mistakes with English grammar and spelling, as well as sense checking and style advice) of assignments, dissertations and other important documents

padded envelopes

I have a small pile of used padded envelopes if anyone can use them

Listings & tweets

I can offer listings on Edinburgh247.com and tweet messages to 7000+ genuine local followers

Care Work

Respite care and wheelchair outings

I used to work as a Carer for people with learning disabilities. I can use a wheelchair safely. So if anyone needs to go out I can support them. If a carer needs some respite for a couple of hours or so, I can help with that.

Children & Childcare

Babysitting and childminding

I can babysit in my own home in Duddingston. I have abundant experience with children of all ages and am a qualified and experienced teacher. I have physical limitations, so I’d not be able to manage an active toddler who runs away all the time, but I am fine with any other ages from babies to teens.


I can offer this at home or in someone else’s home.


I offer babysitting


I have an enhanced disclosure and can offer childcare

Computers & IT

22 INCH CRT monitor in good order

Dell 22 inch CRT monitor available for 10 reekies or nearest offer. On 1st floor Dalry

Python Development

I can offer 1 to 1 or group lessons in Python..

Image editing

Improving pictures, restoring old photos, creating collages of your pictures, turning photos into “drawings” or “paintings”, making personalised birthday cards etc, helping to bring your creative ideas to fruition. (I use Photoshop CS6)

Wordpress, FB and Twitter

I can help out by building a basic Wordpress website. I can give advice and support on setting up and using Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, including how to get the best out of of Twitter and Facebook pages for small businesses and charities.

Web site design & marketing

Need a web site or traffic? I have 15 years experience as a Web Developer and can create & host your site for you. Anything from a simple brochure type site to full e-commerce selling your products. If you already have a site I can also offer help with promotion


  • Taking pictures of people/ places/ events * Mounting / framing of pictures
  • Digital Manipulation of digital pictures - EG red eye removal, air brushing, colour balance, removal of objects, combining multiple images
  • editing images in Photoshop.

PC Skills

Basic PC literacy: how to use Word / Excel / PowerPoint / surf the net / use a digital camera / edit images using Photoshop software

Editing, Desktop Publishing, Image editing

Layouts: pages, posters, booklets, cards, leaflets, flyers etc - I use professional software (Adobe InDesign) I can also offer an editing service - advising on what to include and what not to, where to put it, etc.


All computer problems dealt with both hardware and software. Many years experience. Either bring your pc to me or I will come to you. Tel 07795 094636

Computers fixed or built

I can fix hardware and software problems and also build pcs from scratch. Kind regards

Assistance with Dragon voice-activated software

I run my computer by voice (e.g. Internet, emails, dictation) using the above programme. It is used by people with RSI/disabilities/sometimes by medical professionals for dictation. If you are considering using it yourself, I could give you a demonstration of what it can do (I am now a professional level user having used it for a few years). Alternatively, I could give you some informal tuition/troubleshooting. For this, you would need your own copy of Dragon.


help with diy projects

Advice and practical help with woodwork and metalwork, if you want to try upcycling, fixing broken furniture, etc. Can give instruction about tools, materials and equipment.

John Murray

I can help out with some decorating, painting, wallpapering, etc.


I am a joiner/allround tradesman and I can help out with any DIY stuff, gardening, bicycle repair or other.

DIY, Joinery, plumbing, etc.

DIY, joinery, plumbing, electrical, tiling, painting, decorating.

Flat Pack

I’m pretty handy and enjoy assembling flat packed furniture (although you may need to be an extra pair of hands!!)


Free "Carbon Conversations" Workshops

The Himalayan Centre in Leith run free workshops called “Carbon Conversations” and do home visits in the Leith area to offer free energy advice Click here to see their website

To find out more, please contact: victoria@himalayancentre.org


African inspired cookery

I love to cook, so I’m happy to offer this. My cooking is inspired by my African heritage. If I can walk to your home then I could cook in your kitchen, or otherwise I could cook and you could come with your own containers to pick it up.

Turkish food

I am a great cook and can offer Turkish food lessons.

Rye sourdough starter

I have a good (resilient- 3 years in the fridge so far!) sourdough starter for bread making. Happy to share the recipe I use too. 2 reekies for 500g

French cookery

Mini Charlotte Desserts. Since the weather seems to be turning nice and lovely, I’ll start making some Summer puddings, so I am offering small Charlotte desserts. A Charlotte is a chilled French dessert made with boudoir biscuits, fromage frais and fruit cocktail or fresh berries. no sugar is added to the fromage frais.

The cost shouldn’t be too expensive, it depends on the cost of the fromage frais, really…

Riz au Lait

Riz au Lait (Rice Pudding) delivered to you (if not far away from the centre of the city) for those cold Winter Nights. Made with organic milk and org. sugar and org. vanilla. I follow the family recipe.

Price: cost of ingredients + a few reekies for delivery if you want me to deliver.

Mini Charlotte desserts

Since the weather seems to be turning nice and lovely, I’ll start making some Summer puddings, so I am offering small Charlotte desserts. A Charlotte is a chilled French dessert made with boudoir biscuits, fromage frais and fruit cocktail or fresh berries. no sugar is added to the fromage frais.

The cost shouldn’t be too expensive, it depends on the cost of the fromage frais, really. the boudoirs, I bought in France…


I can cook healthy and very tasty food (for vegetarian/non vegetarian including Turkish and Lebanon/Syrian cuisine)and can bring it to your home (bus fare is required in this case) at your convenient time but you can also come and pick it up.

I will charge only for the ingredients that I buy (with the proof of receipt) and electric.Cooking time can be paid in Reekies.

My updated mobile is 07443069994

Cookery lessons

I can give cooking lessons in my own home.

Soups, stews, pates, stir-fries, spicy, fondues, salads, sauces, cakes, pastries, simple cooking on a budget, one-pot cookery, vegetarian cuisine, etc.

5 reekies for 1 hour cookery lesson, plus costs.


I love cooking, so we can cook together

Flour- and dairy-free Choc chip cookies

I make a special recipe of choc chip cookie dough (US style) cookies, which are made of just chickpeas + peanut butter + honey, without any flour or dairy. As well as the wheat free seed “bread”; I can do these in any batch size, all of which will have been pre-frozen.

“Life Changing Loaf”

“Life Changing Loaf”; for you to try:

Would you like a mega healthy Omega oil seed rich food experience?

Giving up on gluten-free loaf-making as too much hard work, I have been delightedly experimenting with this recipe which is a totally original and surprising seed/nut- based bread substitute. Its suitable for those who are vegan and gluten free*. I can let you try half or a full loaf. its heavy and a bit crumbly but the fallen- off bits make great croutons or seed clusters added to a recipe…


Free energy advice in Leith and beyond

The Himalayan Centre in Leith does home visits with free energy saving advice in the Leith area. They can also advise on similar organisations in other parts of Edinburgh.

Click here to see their flyer:

To find out more about the energy advice visits, please contact harriet@himalayancentre.org)

Recycled white tiles

I have used square white tiles which could be used for crafts

Used jiffy bags

I have about 20 used jiffy bags in reasonable condition. If anyone could use them for Ebay trading, etc. just let me know. Collection from Duddingston area.

Gardens & Outdoor


Gardening, veg plots and compost heaps a speciality.

Gardening maintenance and design

I am studying horticulture. I can maintain but also redesign your garden. I am also very interested in permaculture and growing food. I have an electric strimmer and a few other tools but no mower.

Garden plants

Lilac, holly, bottlebrush, yellow dogwood, hypericum (St. John’s Wort), honeysuckle, yellow and blue asters, pink and purple geranium, montbretia (crocosmia), cornflower, borage and others. Prices 1-5 reekies.


Car Air Fresheners

Nice hanging purple hearts design, with lavender/vanilla scent. I have 16 to give away

Cameo tickets

Cameo cinema tickets: 5 reekies per ticket. Can be redeemed on any film, no time restrictions or expiry date :-) Only got a few left, first come first served. :)

Long ladder hire

Long ladder hire: I have long ladders to loan out.

Folding exercise bike for hire

I have a small folding exercise bike to loan at 1 reekie a day.


I have a variety of good books I want to rehome: chick lit, romance, thrillers, epic sagas, best sellers, comedies etc., some almost new. 1 reekie for paperbacks and 2 for hardbacks, or swap them 1-1 for anything happy, positive and upbeat.

Health and Wellbeing

Volunteers for hypnosis therapy practice

I’m training in Conversational Hypnotherarpy and need people whom I can practice on, serious issues as well as simple issues. The method I’m training in is developed by Thom Shillaw. Check him out on youtube if you like, this makes it easier for me, rather than having to give a lot of explanation. I’m hoping to keep this fun and adventurous for me and you… Contact me if you like: 5 R. as an exchange would be nice! I do not set a time frame for a session.

Creativity Workshops

I am happy to receive part payment in reekies for participation in Creativity for Wellbeing workshops. For more information see https://creativityforwellbeingworkshops.wordpress.com/ or my facebook page @Creativityfor Wellbeing. There are four upcoming workshops, the first of which is on Friday 26th January 2018. These will be introductory workshops which will involve a relaxing and light hearted look at ourselves and our creativity through structured sessions of relaxation, making art, reflection and sharing…

Indian Head Massage

I can offer 45 mind to one hour Indian head massage. Brilliant to combat, stress and insomnia.

Quantum Release and Reconnective Healing

I experience this method as very empowering, because while I get rid of the stuck energy of unhelpful emotions I free up my mind to allow a new understanding of life’s events and to experience every day without being cluttered by the past.This inner freedom gives rise to spontaneity and intuition. I find that I have ideas and make choices that I know I would never have done before. I know from experience…

My-Haven: Sit with me for 20-25 minutes once a week

Discover our inner sanctuary and enjoy a state of inner peace: Every Tuesday at 12.30 P.M. at OMH Therapies OMH Therapies • 1a Randolph Crescent Edinburgh, EH3 7TH • Tel 0131 220 1301 I’m asking only for 1 Reekie per session (Janin Pohl - 0791)

Shiatsu, relax body and mind!

A far-eastern holistic approach for physical and mental well-being; Contacting the energy pathways of your body with thumb, fingers or elbow not only encourages your body to access its innate wisdom for self-healing, but it also is a lovely Medicine for emotionally stressful times.

Theta Healing

Do you know that beliefs run our lives? Everyday events, success and the lack of it, our interactions with others… all unfolds in perfect harmony with whatever beliefs we hold. 95 % of these beliefs are hidden in our unconscious, so we don’t know what stops us from achieving our goals. With the help of the Theta brainwaves we connect with the Creative Energy that exists in everything, find those unhelpful beliefs and replace them with those that are most beneficial

Chi machine therapy

Google “Sun Ancon Chi Machine”; for demonstrative videos. This is a passive, gentle therapy. Clinical trials with a genuine Sun Ancon machine reduced fluid, pain and swelling in people with secondary lymphedema and venous oedema of the legs.

Shiatsu treatments <3


I’m a certified Complementary Therapist and I’m currently doing my third and final year of Shiatsu studies.

Shiatsu is a type of Japanese bodywork that balances the energy flow in the body. It works the same points as acupuncture but instead of needles it uses acupressure (fingers, palms, elbows, knees). It also involves stretches, joint manipulations and limb rotations, and is done with the person fully clothed…


I have studied the 1st year of a 3 year course(to expensive to continue)and know a few basic routines. I am a little out of practice but happy to try.

Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage which uses natural body weight to guide the application of pressure to specific pressure points around the body. A combination of stretches, pressure, joint rotations and joint manipulation are used to treat patients in a holistic and natural way…

Swedish / Relaxation Massage

I have trained and can offer. I also have mobile equipment so can do practically anywhere so happy to offer at your home or workplace.

Swedish Massage combines technical strokes, motions and pressures to the direction of the flow of blood returning into the heart. The rhythm of the Swedish Massage uses a variety of kneading, friction and vibrating motions to bring the individual a feeling of invigoration and relaxation…


I am a registered midwife and would be happy to help with any pregnancy / baby care / infant feeding issues. I can offer help with childcare,massage and relaxation. I have full disclosure.

Medical Herbalism and Massage Therapy

We are Medical Herbalists and Massage Therapists based in Edinburgh City Centre. We have experience in leading workshops on making-your-own herbal remedies, using herbs to treat family and friends, kitchen herbal remedies, etc. We are happy to teach you about herbs, show you how to make your own healthcare products or provide you with massage treatments.

Therapeutic/gentle/mindful walking

Learn how to use the simple act of mindful walking in a therapeutic way to help relax no matter how limited your capacity or time. I have practised mindfulness for over a decade and was in a wheelchair for years. Mindful walking has been the most enjoyable way to improve balance, reduce falls, improve my body awareness and improve symptom management.

companionship and empathetic listening

I offer companionship and empathic listening skills

Swedish massage

I offer Swedish massage

Swedish back / shoulder massage:

Would like to offer Swedish back / shoulder massage. I have a couch and live centrally.

Pilates, Core conditioning and Bodyweight exercise

Pilates, Core conditioning and Bodyweight exercise: I can offer very high quality exercise classes in Pilates, core conditioning and bodyweight exercise to improve posture and biomechanics. I am a very experienced teacher. Please visit my website for more information about my classes and testimonials. www.functional-pilates.com Taster classes or sessions as a one off welcome, if unsure!

Nutrition, cranio-sacral and remedial massage

Nutrition, cranio-sacral and remedial massage: I am a professional therapist and have been practising for the last 12 years. I offer nutrition, cranio-sacral therapy, remedial massage (realign spine and pelvis)


Meditation: I would love to share a simple breath based meditation called the mindfulness of breathing. To begin with we’ll sit for around 20 minutes and become aware of the body and breath. I’ll talk you through it as much as you need. You may wish to join me for a longer sit of around 30 or 40 minutes afterwards if you want to. If you are familiar with meditation we can sit for longer.

I have recently started practising active meditation and I’d like to share the “Kundalini Shaking” with you…


I am fully qualified and insured massage therapist and I can offer Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Massage at my place.

Listening ear

Experienced ‘listening ear’. 5 reekies per hour - evenings by prior arrangement.

Indian Head Massage

Authentic Indian Head Massage. Home visits in the Leith Area


A trainee Focusing Practitioner, I offer taster sessions st my home or on Skype or phone, or other locations by arrangement.

It takes a few sessions to really get the hang of it but you can have a one off and see how you find it. It is done in pairs.

Focusing is a little like meditating out loud with someone helping you to keep company with what is in your awareness without judgement. It helps us learn to listen to what is usually just under our awareness in our everyday lives, and we make a welcoming space for it…

Fashion advisor for women

Help with renewing or spring-cleaning wardrobe. Advice given on the most suitable styles, colours and cut.

Energy Medicine

Bio-resonance, scenar and cosmodic therapy and Violet Ray

If you have any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues, it is possible I might be able to help.

When we speak of a machine, we still tend to think of something made of metal which clanks. Even though we are in the age of the computer, nuts and bolts still spring to mind. The health machines which I have, however, are an offshoot of the computer revolution…

Energy Healings

Indian head massage, hand reflexology, reiki &amp; chakra balancing, healing, releasing unwanted spirit energies or entities from buildings and people, communicating with those passed on (providing they are willing). Edinburgh or North Berwick.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a wonderful way of working, sort of a mixture of bodywork and counselling. Works on all levels including physical and emotional. During the session you will also learn how to use it to help yourself.

CranioSacral Therapy

A very gentle way of working that supports and encourages the body to release, relax and let go of whatever it needs to at that time. Works on all levels of the body, mind and spirit.

Suitable for all ages, including babies

Co-counselling / Focusing

I have been practicing co-counselling and focusing for some years now and I appreciate the way in which both these systems practice what they preach in empowering people to work for the good of themselves and each other simultaneously. In both co-counselling and focusing an initial teaching period is followed by a peer exchange. This is when we practice the skills we have learned with each other - taking turns being the one working on oneself and the one being in the listening, supportive role…

Blissful Chi Exerciser Sessions

Blissful Chi Exerciser Sessions: Come for a relaxing and interesting experience using a Chi machine, or Passive exerciser. You’ll lie on the floor and get rocked from side to side, allowing you to let go of tension and bring mobility to your spine. EH1


House-sitting & waiting for tradesmen

currently on pause. House-sitting. I can often wait in for trades people or deliveries. If people are on bus routes, bus fares charged. References available



I can do general cleaning and light housework in people’s homes. Minimum 2 hours, plus travel time if it was further away.


I not currently available to work alongside people to help with decluttering, with a focus on recycling, earning reekies with unwanted things and creating a lighter,brighter space to live in. i want to restart this when the time is right, so do make contact..

Cleaning & general help

I offer cleaning and general unskilled helping

Household chores

Help with Household chores: cleaning, washing-up, spring cleaning. I am very meticulous about cleaning and prefer to use non-toxic cleaning products if possible

Clothes alternations & mending

I offer simple clothes alterations and mending.


Pet boarding and sitting

I can offer boarding for small pets, such as rodents, and well-behaved cats and small and medium dogs. 5 reekies per hour of proper work, such as walking the dog, cleaning a cage, etc. (I’d prefer if you provided the food and anything else required).

Pet-sitting in portobello or leith

experienced, insured sitter, only sitting in portobello and occasionally leith at present, 2016, References available

dog walking/sitting

I can help out with dog walking/sitting


Biology Tuition

I’m a qualified Science and Biology secondary teacher and could offer tuition in Biology. EH21

Knitting lessons

I can offer knitting classes from beginners to intermediate

Basic literacy and numeracy tuition

Teaching basic literacy and numeracy

violin and piano tuition

Violin and piano tuition, or general musical guidance

Music tutoring (short-term)

Music tuition. Short-term support for exam prep: theory, playing by ear, beginners guitar, piano and keyboard, composition, history of music, etc. I am a fully qualified and experienced music teacher, and have been involved in supportive work of various types for years, with client groups aging from 3 years to old age, including emotionally disturbed and mentally ill clients. (Kirsteen N)

Language tuition

Please see the separate “languages” category for everyone’s language tuition offers.

Literacy & numeracy help

Literacy and Numeracy: Help with general literacy and numeracy


Bicycle repair

I can repair most problems with bicycles, ranging from a simple puncture to replacing the entire drivetrain. May be able to repair on site if it’s not too big a job.


Transportation in my spacious car for people/stuff


Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

I am able to offer you free stand up paddle board lessons and have some equipment. We can also rent very cheap from a social enterprise. If you have not tried this brilliant sport then you should. Whether it is drifting gently on the canal or catching a wave then there is something for everyone.

Public Speaking

I have experience of this for a variety of topics and settings. My offer depends upon the specifics of the job; this we can discuss.


EFL (English as a foreign language) tuition

EFL (English as a Foreign Language) tuition. I have the RSA Diploma and several years experience. EH21

English tuition

Teaching English to non-English speakers

English tuition

English (phonetics / comprehension): I am an experienced English teacher and specialise on teaching comprehension / pronunciation for students struggling to understand native speakers..

Spanish, Dutch, German language services

I like helping people. I can help out with language services (Spanish, Dutch, German) or other.

Turkish language lessons

I teach Turkish language

Spanish/English translation

Translate to & from Spanish