Edinburgh Local Exchange Trading System


Interactive Website

This website will enable on-line listing of goods, services, events, stalls, workshops etc.

Mailings, Newsletters, etc.

All new listings and are emailed out to members regularly, along with advance details of any meetings or events, plus occasional newsletters.

Our blog has the latest news, events information and photos; plus some archived newsletters.

April 2014 newsletter

December 2014 newsletter

Please note that because we lack the necessary resources we cannot provide any material in paper form, but we are always willing to assist members who are unable to use the computer, and local libraries also offer help with internet access.

If you are a desktop publishing wizard or if you like to write, your input will be valued - please get in touch with the admin team!

Telephone support

One of our members will phone people who are not on-line, or need help with reading, to inform them of upcoming events. Further help might be possible on request, through our buddies system. Please contact letsedinburgh@gmail.com to register.

Facebook & Twitter

Please help to attract like-minded people to LETS by supporting our Facebook and Twitter activities.

Internet Access

For those who don’t have internet access, we have “buddies” and people offering technical help who can either take care of your LETS website business, or help you to access or use a computer. Please contact letsedinburgh@gmail.com to arrange.

Alternatively, you can book an internet session at a public library, or click here for a selection of internet cafes.

Posters and Leaflets

Please distribute our posters. New leaflets are coming soon.