Edinburgh Local Exchange Trading System

Welcome to Edinburgh LETS

Edinburgh LETS is a friendly community group whose members trade our skills, time and goods without using money, reimbursing costs only.

Our trading system helps to create an environment where everyone’s skills and abilities are valued and enjoyed; and enrich our members and the wider community.

Rather than using money to buy someone’s time or goods, we use a system of credits, rather like a time-bank. Almost anything can be traded in LETS from a pack of cards to the rent of a room.

Part of what makes LETS Edinburgh so rewarding is the diversity of the members, whose skills range from organic baking to stained glass design; dog-walking to website development. Every new member adds to this diversity!

Please explore the “About Us” section of this website to find out more and learn how to join our organisation. We have a Facebook page for news, events and items which are likely to interest our members. It is open to members and non-members, so please check us out and feel free to post anytime.

You can see our current trade listings in the trading section of this website, but only members can arrange trades. We have a mailing list for non-members, so they will hear about our social events,

This website replaces our old website (www.edinburghlets.org.uk).

Contact us on letsedinburgh@gmail.com

Click here to join our organisation