Edinburgh Local Exchange Trading System

Trading Requests

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Arts & Crafts

Wanted: heavy polythene offcuts or similar

to make cold frames and sterilise soil

balsa wood

I am looking for some bits of balsa wood for a gentleman who would like to put ships in bottles or information on where to get balsa wood

Edinburgh photography

I need some good quality photographs of Edinburgh that you will allow me to share on my Facebook page

Writers / reviewers wanted

I need articles and reviews of Edinburgh restaurants, pubs, attractions etc.

Good photos needed

I need someone to take some good photos: of shoes and me wearing those shoes. I have to sell them and need some good quality pictures. Tx in advance

Flash photography

Is anyone familiar with the Canon Speedlite? I am having a bit of difficulty getting my head around this, both on and off camera. We can meet at my place or yours.

I can pay the LETS standard rate of 5 Reekies per hour.

Business & Admin

Help the new website appear in web searches please!

Please boost this new website on search engines by posting the website link wherever you can. “Like” and “Follow” the News and Events page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/EdinburghLETSevents; and share all our posts. Please help advertise all our social events by sharing the posts and putting up our posters. This is the only way to enable LETS to thrive and survive.

Admin help needed

LETS admin could use an extra pair of hands for simple tasks for a few weeks - anything from an occasional 12 hour upwards

Wordpress help

Wordpress help: Troubleshooting /tuition needed with plugins and wordpress on my web site www.yourbodymatters.co.uk Ideally linking face to face, or on Skype or the phone.

Help with itunes & music file

I need someone to help sort out my music files, delete duplicates etc, who knows how to use itunes software and ideally ipods, etc.

Organising photo files

I need help organising digital photo files on the PC - sorting out folders and weeding out duplicates.

Excel contacts file help

I want to create a Word file with table inserted (I have the format if you want it) to print off as a few sides of A4 from my Gmail contact list of 700+ contacts). Does anyone know how to do this using my Gmail system? I think can save them in spreadsheet form, but I don’t know how to convert into formating that is easy on the eye.

printer access required

Access to printer needed: I need to print a few pages, one in colour (probably), the rest in black and white. I’ll bring my own paper. I’ll pay cash for cost of ink, if relevant. Many thanks in advance

publicity help needed

I need help with promoting my pole dance/ burlesque dance classes


I’d like someone to show me simple book-keeping in a succinct manner for generous reekies.

Help with selling items

I need help to sell items such as pet cages, parrot/ budgie, MBT shoes, self help books. Based in Leith

Help with selling books

Need help with selling books: I have 2 cases of books I need to sell urgently. Various topics…. Stress, assertiveness, depression, life coaching, massage and so on. Need help to sell them soon.

Data entry help needed

I need help with a couple of projects entering data records online. Work from home. Simple stuff but must be a fast typer with good keyboard skills and eye for detail. Must have PC/laptop and internet connection.

I can pay standard Lets rate of 5 reekies per hour to start.

Care Work

Befriending/emotional support

I’ve become housebound by illness recently and am finding things very difficult. I’d appreciate friendship, phone calls or visits. I react to strong smells and smoke, so I’d prefer a non-smoker for visits. I’m in my late 30s, I’m a writer and musician and I live in St. Leonard’s.

Computers & IT

Help with website building

Hi there! I’m hoping to set up a business website and need help with it. So far, I have a domain and that’s pretty much it!

Please get in touch if you can help me


Can anyone configure the LETS Tumblr news blog ?

Does anyone know how to configure a Tumblr blog ? Ideally, we’d like to configure it so it looks like one of the website pages.



! would like help with redecorting my flat. Edinburgh tenement so very high ceilings. Need painting and little bits of plastering holes prior to painting. Also if anyone is good at electrics have a switch needing installed properly.

broken equipment

I am looking for broken equipment that you no longer want, either for repair or parts.

joinery / tiling

I need a handyman who can do joinery and tiling to help me finish my home renovations

painting. etc.

I need a handyman in my flat (currently needing 2 bathrooms painted, a shelf fitted and 2 windows fixed)


Healthy food

I am interested in healthy food (cook or supplies, raw food)

Organic produce

Anyone have any excess produce? Fruit, veg, eggs etc.

Home baking

Home Baking: Anyone making more than they can consume? I’ll be more than happy to take your excess!!!

Healthy gluten- and dairy-free food

Healthy dairy-free gluten-free food: Looking for any healthy food dairy and gluten free food e.g. gluten free bread and cake or biscuits, food supplies, raw food, sprouts, fresh fruit and vegetables, etc.

Fresh garden produce

Fresh garden produce: I could take excess organic produce of your hands. Most vegetables considered.

Gardens & Outdoor

Occasional Garden Help

I’d love an occasional hour of garden help, either just helping me with the work, or doing things I cannot manage: digging, lopping; repairing the fence so we can take more foster dogs, or simply tidying up. I have a lovely garden which is a treat to work when it’s fine weather. Warm, dry afternoons or evenings are best for me.

Margaret Aikman

Hi need someone to trim my conifers,they are well shaped an maintained ,also need hut an fence painted which also has also been well maintained


I would appreciate someone cutting my hedge for me occasionally.

Help with tiny garden needed!

I have a tiny patch of garden in the front of my flat and another tiny one at the back. I’ve been living here in this property for 2 years now and am quite in despair, as friends who have helped me in the past promised to come back and never did. This summer I’ve asked a professional gardener to help out, but he charged an astronomically high fee for such a tiny space. Also, according to other people’s observation [I’m blind, so I depend on people’s views], he did not do a good job…

grass cutting

I need help with a wild lawn - it is very long as our machinery broke down and we haven’t cut it all summer. I am trying to find out about hiring equipment if someone will come and operate it. Need to get this done very soon. Food and drinks and reekies paid. Thank you

gardening equipment needed

Cuttings, pots, seeds etc wanted: Stuff for growing vegetables and herbs needed. This could be cuttings, seeds, growing pots, compost, soil, hosepipe, watering can, etc.


Offcuts of aluminium

Looking for offcuts of aluminium for turning and milling. Offcuts of 12” and upwards.


I need a reasonable quality spring double mattress.

Smart phone micro charger

Smart phone micro charger needed. I need a spare

large poly pack folders & answering machine needed

Wanted: large poly pocket folders: and does anyone have an ansaphone that allows remote retrieval of messages?

Health and Wellbeing

Indian Head Massage

I would like to receive Indian head massage a bit more often. Any skill level welcome.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung

I would like to improve my posture and flexibility.

Any Holistic Treatment

I would love to receive any kind of holistic treatment.


I suffer from MS and osteoarthritis and would like to have massage (especially of my back) and/or reflexology. EH21

back and shoulder massage.

I am in dear need of a back and shoulder massage, i would like someone who is qualified.


Haircut: Straightforward female haircut


I need someone to give reflexology female preferred (Elaine K)

Massage needed

My muscles and tendons are really sore, would anybody be able to help? Tx in advance


House work/decorating

I have needs for help around the house and some decorating.landline number only ok

housework & decluttering

I’m always looking for household help like washing up, basic housework and decluttering. (Haymarket area)

I need a bike shed !

Does anyone have a bike shed they don’t need any more ? I dont mind if it needs a lick of paint but would need to be weather tight.

Music & Entertainment

5 string banjo


Anyone play the 5 string banjo? (old-time style.)


I need a piano player or guitarist to sing with. Not for performances, just for the fun of it.

Guitar instruction

Looking for some guitar instruction. I have some basic rhythm knowledge but want to improve. Would like to learn some basic bluegrass for example.


Experienced English Language Teacher/Tutor

Hi, I am looking for a proper English Language Tutor to help my daughter in her NAT5 Exams in English. Can anyone help please? Many thanks,

Experienced Spanish Language Teacher/Tutor

Hi, I am looking for a proper Spanish Language Tutor to help my daughter in her NAT5 Exams in Spanish Language. Can anyone help please? Many thanks,

Experienced French Language Teacher/Tutor

Hi, I am looking for a proper French Language Tutor to help my daughter in her NAT5 Exams in French Language. Can anyone help please? Many thanks,


help with heavier items

I might occasionally need someone helping me with a car or van to transport heavier/bulkier objects as I currently don’t own a car myself.

Car hire

I would like to hire a car for the odd day or so. Edinburgh or north Berwick.


yard sale

If anybody is thinking of having a yard sale, if I could participate for a good amount of reekies, that’d be brilliant and also very very helpful!